Princeton University

Basic Information

Dear Gardener:
The Lawrence Community Garden is located behind the low-rise apartments, and is surrounded by a high wire fence (that keeps the deer and other woodland pests out.

Garden plots are of many different sizes, for all levels gardeners If you are interested in a garden plot for this summer, please sign up by sending the garden coordinator an email. Please read the gardening guidelines before signing up.

In the past, many gardeners chose to put a small fence around their individual plot. (See garden tips.) The university will not provide materials for this fencing, so if you are interested in erecting an individual fence, you will need to buy your own materials. The university will till the garden every spring if we want them to. This means we wouldn’t have to spend laborious hours pulling weeds before we seed. Perennial plots have been staked off at the edge of the garden close to building 14, so they will not be disturbed by tilling. However, if we put elaborate individual fences around all the plots, the University can not plow properly.

Previous Garden Co-ordinators, Rod and Tisa, have put together a comprehensive list of garden tips to help first-time gardeners to the area. Please visit the gardening tips page to review. Also, Maja and Shuwa have provided some nice pictures from the 2009 garden.

There is a composter for use in the garden. The composter is in the garden area. It is the black cylindrical container just left of the main garden entrance. Please add your kitchen scraps to the composter according to the composter rules. See you soon!