Princeton University

September 2023 Lawrence Committee Minutes

At 5:30 PM on September 11, the Lawrence Committee held a monthly Town Hall meeting over Zoom. The following are the minutes of that meeting.

  • The Lawrence Committe shared a welcome email with the community on September 5th that includes resources and reminders for both new and old residents. You can find that email here.
  • The Lawrence Committee will host several events this fall including a pumpkin carving event and a bonfire. Please look out for more details about these events in the upcoming weeks.
  • In response to the Lawrence community survey the Committee administered last year, the Committee proposed that the University install wayfinding maps to mitigate package misdelivery. Residents can now see those maps being installed in Lawrence.
  • Elections for the Lawrence Committee will be held in October. In order to run for a committee position, residents must attend the next Committee Town Hall on October 9, 2023. More details on the election will be shared soon.
  • The Committee will be installing an ironing board in the building 1 laundry room for communal use.
  • Committee members in attendance: Michelle, Josh, Hassan, Hannah, Liz, Kristin, Kimmie, and Harry