Princeton University

March 2023 Lawrence Committee Minutes

At 4:30 PM on March 14, the Lawrence Committee held a monthly Town Hall meeting over Zoom. The following are the minutes of that meeting.

  • The Committee voted on two constitutional amendments. You can find the constitution on the Lawrence Committee website here.
    • The first amendment addressed election voting processes such as the codification of online voting. This amendment passed unanimously.
    • The second amendment addressed several miscellaneous issues such as removing gendered language in the constitution. This amendment also passed unanimously.
    • A third amendment regarding impeachment of committee members was not taken to a vote until further edits can be made to the proposed amendment.
  • In the next few weeks, look out for new smoking signage around Lawrence. These signs will show the designated smoking areas around Lawrence so that smoking does not bother residents in their apartments.
  • The Housing Office and the Committee have received multiple complaints from residents and facilities about dog poop around the former toddler playground behind building 12. Princeton township does not allow dog parks or dogs off leash and if this issue continues, the fencing around the former playground may be removed. 
  • In an effort to keep laundry rooms more tidy, the Lawrence Committee and Housing placed brooms in each Lawrence laundry room. Unfortunately, a couple of the brooms have gone missing. If you borrowed these brooms to use outside the laundry room, please return them.
  • Earlier this year, the Lawrence Committee submitted a proposal to the Graduate School to increase the Committee’s annual budget. We are pleased to announce that the Committee successfully received a budget increase from $1,000 to $3,000. The Committee looks forward to using the new budget for increased programming.
  • Committee members in attendance: Hannah, Kevin, Mimi, Liz, Kimmie, Josh, Kristin, Hassan, and Michelle.