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March 2022 Lawrence Committee Minutes

On Thursday, March 17th, 2022 the Lawrence Committee held its regularly scheduled town hall meeting. The following are the minutes of that meeting.

  • Starting Monday March 21, Lawrence will begin transitioning to new, more energy efficient washing machines and dryers. While payment for laundry was suspended during the pandemic because of the coin shortage, the new laundry system is smartphone operated, and will require residents to pay $0.50 per wash and $0.25 per dryer cycle.
    • Here are the links to download the app for Apple and for Android. The registration code is CAL6746. You can add funds to your account through the app.
  • Signups for the Lawrence Garden are open, and you can follow the link here to request a plot for the 2022 garden season. The form closes on April 16th. The kickoff event at the garden will be held on Saturday, April 23rd. 
  • The committee will be holding another bonfire the evening of March 26. Hot drinks will be provided. Please look for a separate email with the subject sent on March 21 for more details.
  • The committee recapped the Feb. 28 GHAB meeting with Kevin and Michelle, including discussing hardship assistance. Hardship assistance is available, and residents should contact housing if they are interested in applying.
  • The committee continued discussing replacing the old piano in Lawrence 14 and is looking into the logistics of moving the old piano and a potential replacement.
  • The committee is planning a bike event April 30 with Sourland Cycles, to be discussed closer to the date.
  • Progress on the website and the constitution continues. 
  • In Attendance
    • Kevin
    • Hassan
    • Liz
    • Michelle
    • Jessica
    • Shree
    • Kristin
    • Deepen