Princeton University

November 2021 Lawrence Committee Minutes

On November 11th, 2021 the Lawrence Committee held its regularly scheduled meeting. This e-mail contains the minutes from that meeting. Please note that the next Lawrence Committee meeting has been scheduled for December 16th at 7 pm.

  • The results of the next Lawrence Committee election will be announced on December 16th. The committee overseeing the election will be staffed by Kevin Fleming from the graduate school, and current committee members Noam Reich and Chadi Saad-Roy who are both stepping down from the Lawrence committee. The election committee will solicit candidacies via e-mail in the next few days.
  • The committee has received approval to have a table-tennis table in Lawrence 14. Before purchasing the table, the committee will look into the suitability of the Lawrence 1 common room and make a determination as to which location is preferable.
  • There will be a gardening social event on the 20th of November to shut the garden down for the year. Residents are invited to get to know the garden before the next gardening season and to help clean it if they wish. Light refreshments will be provided. Please be on the lookout for another e-mail announcing the event.
  • Concerns regarding the large number of packages were raised before representatives of housing and the graduate school. Kevin and Michelle said that they would look into the feasibility of metal shelving being installed in the entryways to certain buildings to generate more storage space for packages and have less of them block the entryways. Please note that this would still require residents to place delivered packages on the shelf to declutter the entryways.
  • The committee is investigating the feasibility of an outdoor social event to be held in early December. Please be on the lookout for more information.


  • Jessica Wilson
  • Audrey Zhou
  • Josh Lederman
  • Midori Kawaue
  • Nicollete Seeback
  • Liz Helfenberger
  • Noam Reich
  • Anastasia Karpova
  • Kristin Isaacs
  • Deepen Garg
  • Michelle Ruggia
  • Claire Zeng
  • Alexandra Platypus
  • Kevin Fleming
  • Saumyashree Ghosh
  • Chadi Saad-Roy