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January Meeting Minutes

The following are the minutes from the January Lawrence Committee Meeting held on January 12th, 2021.

  • Officer Sean Ryder from public safety was in attendance and discussed programs run by public safety and answered questions from residents. 
  • Saumyashree Ghosh, the facilities manager, has contacted facilities and put in a request to change the lock to the computer room in Lawrence 14 so that it can be opened with the “H1” key. Until then, residents can open the room by using access code 5827.
  • A virtual social event will be hosted by the Lawrence committee in either late February or early March and another in-person, socially-distanced outdoor event will be hosted later in the spring semester. 
  • After a long discussion with both housing and public safety, there is no institutional solution to disappearing shopping carts. We are therefore appealing to your goodwill, our fellow Lawrentines, and asking that you please return carts as soon as you are done using them. 
  • There were complaints that composting bins have disappeared and that they lack signs for what can be disposed of in them. The committee will investigate.
  • The door of the garden shed is in need of repair, the committee will move forward on securing funds for the repair.

In attendance:

  • Chadi S
  • Liz H
  • Sean R
  • Anne K
  • Noam R
  • Victoria L
  • Deepen G
  • Kevin F
  • Nastya K
  • Saumyashree G

Lawrence Committee