Minutes of December Committee Meeting

The following are the minutes from the Lawrence Committee Meeting, held on Tuesday December 8th, 2020:

  • The results of the Lawrence Committee elections are as follows:
    • President: Deepen Garg
    • Vice President: Chadi Saad-Roy
    • Secretary: Noam Reich
    • External Relations Delegate: Yunxiu Zhou
    • Social Chair: Nastya Karpova
    • Garden Coordinator: Liz Helfenberger
    • Facilities Manager: Saumyashree Ghosh
  • Various ongoing issues were brought up for the new committee
    • Laundry: It was suggested to revive the idea to make them free permanently
    • Missing Packages: Different carriers have different ways of delivering which makes it more difficult to standardize package delivery; cameras cannot be used because of privacy concerns; it was suggested to look into having package lockers
  • University is looking into the distribution of covid tests to residents more efficiently
  • It was suggested to change the monthly Lawrence committee meeting to the third week of the month so that it can follow the monthly GSG meeting and hence have more relevant input from the latter
  • University is still looking to the issue of golf balls, but no major progress has been reported
  • Noam will ask OIT to grant us a new email address for the election committee
  • Deepen will elaborate further on a possible ticketing system in the next meeting
  • It was suggested that the committee should try to encourage  more student-led activities for which the graduate school can provide some funding.
  • It was suggested that the streetlights are not enough on Alexander Road between Faculty Road and Dinky station, and the university should be asked to look into this further.
  • Roll Call
    • Amit H
    • Chadi S
    • Kendra B
    • Liz H
    • Noam R
    • Chris T
    • Nastya K
    • Saumyashree G
    • Yunxiu Z
    • Kathy I
    • Audrey Z
    • Valentina N
    • Kevin F
    • Kenneth P
    • Deepen G