Princeton University

October Committee Meeting

The following are the minutes from the Lawrence Committee’s October meeting, held on October 13, 2020:

  • Residents are advised to break the boxes before putting them in the recycling bins. Also please do not add plastic bags and Styrofoam in them.
  • Chris will put up signs in Lawrence 1 laundry to keep the doors open after being done with the washers and dryers.
  • Amit will ask OIT to see if they can keep some paper and toner in the computer rooms
  • Residents are encouraged to also use websites like Tiger Trade to give away the big items
  • All air filters in buildings 8-14 have been upgraded to MERV 8 filters. Buildings 1-7 do not have air filters since they are a closed system (hot water fin tube heat system). We are also in talks with the university administration regarding the possibility of upgrading them further.
  • The committee is in talks with the administration regarding the golf balls to see what can be done to prevent them coming into Lawrence Complex
  • Unfortunately, we cannot organize Halloween this year because of the ongoing pandemic restrictions. Residents are advised to check the current university guidelines before organizing any outdoor event. You can also look into NJ Halloween guidelines for a safer celebration. 
  • Garden will officially close on Nov 15
  • Noam (the Webmaster) will finish updating the website by Oct 30.
  • Please do not burn wood in the barbeque areas. You should burn only charcoal and clean up after using them. Lack of compliance with fire-prevention measures lead to fire hazards and can possibly lead to the closure of all the barbeque areas.