Princeton University

Lawrence Committee Meeting September 12

Package Delivery Updates:

  • University is in communication with Amazon in regards to recent delivery issues that seem to stem from their use of another delivery company.
  • Recommend that if a package is missing to please contact Public Safety to let them know and also contact your shipper.
  • Some delivery companies can hold packages/mail until you are able to pick them up so this is an option if you are waiting on a valuable delivery.
  • For Amazon deliveries, there is an option to send your packages to an Amazon locker and pick it up at your convenience. Please go to the Amazon website for more information.
  • Lawrence Committee and the University will continue to monitor and work on problems with package delivery at Lawrence.
  • At least for the time being, Lawrence Committee is going to stop making posts about mis-delivered packages to the website due to the large number of posts that are overwhelming the other website content and no evidence so far that it has helped recover any packages.
    • We will be removing posts about missing packages that are over 3 weeks old.

Halloween Party:

  • Formalized trick or treating for kids
    • We will be sending an email asking residents who wish to participate to register their apartment so families with kids can go trick or treating around Lawrence and know which units are open to trick or treat-ers.
    • There will be a time limit set in place (I.e. 6-7pm)
    • We will also have fliers available with a Halloween symbol on them that residents can put up on their doors if they have candy for trick or treat-ers.
  • Halloween Party
    • Screening of an episode of Stranger Things on October 27th
    • There will Halloween themed treats, drinks, etc.
    • Email to follow with more details

New carts:

  • Issue was raised about receiving new moving and grocery carts for Lawrence apartments as many are old/in disrepair. Residents requested smaller shopping carts and hand carts.
    • Housing will look into this and let us know.

Computer Cluster:

  • It is possible to open up the computer cluster with your main door key for Lawrence Apartments.

Garden Clean up:

  • Sam Richter will be sending out an email to all Lawrence gardeners with formal dates for the garden clean up in the fall.