Princeton University

Lawrence Committee Meeting May 9 2017

Golf Course:

  • New net has been put up
  • Golf course will let us know about any additional measure they have taken in regards to this matter
  • Netting around the children’s playground is being investigated by the University as well.

Parking lots during events:

  • To prevent non-residents from using our parking lot during reunions, Parking and Transportation has been asked to put up signs at the entrance
  • As well, Lawrence apartments is not listed on any Reunions information as a parking lot for use

Outdoor Yoga:

  • Once the weather warms up we can start outdoor yoga classes at Lawrence
  • Will be open to any resident who wants to participate
  • Hopefully will begin sometime this month (weather permitting)

As a reminder there is a Graduate Housing Summit on Wednesday, May 17th at 5pm-7:30pm in Frist room 302 to discuss issues, questions or suggestions for the housing process and housing in general. Pizza and drinks will be provided.