Princeton University

December Meeting Minutes

Open forum:
● Progress of painting of lane lines in Lawrence parking lots? Olivia will touch base with Chris Warkala.
● There was a Safety Walk earlier this month at Graduate Housing locations. Sema, Julia and Olivia were at the walk. We passed along our concerns about the path along Alexander Road to Lawrence south of Faculty Road being very dark, and that there is no walking path from Lawrence 1 to Alexander Road. Facilities is now aware of the problem. We heard Karin Court was dark but did not look at this area because it is not under the University’s purview.
● Removing of Piano from Lawrence 14 – done
● Unmarked dumpster behind Lawrence 1 – Chris Warkala is looking into having it labeled
● Labeling the shopping carts – We can look into it. Residents have gotten better about returning the carts.
● TigerTransit skipping some stops along the shuttle route – this is part of the schedule and is intended.
● Progress on the EPA cleanup behind Lawrence – everything seems to be proceeding according to schedule.
● Garden lock has been put in place!
● Sending out email about GCHC looking for members – only 2 Lawrence Committee members want to send the email; the motion is denied.

● Elections will be held on January 12 at 6 pm – AJ, Sema and Dima will serve on the election committee. We will hold elections and then the new committee will meet. All positions are open, but the VP or President must have been on the committee for at least one term — unless no one else is running for one of these positions. You are required to attend two meetings, including the election meeting, to run for a position on Lawrence committee. The President, VP, and GSG rep must be current PU graduate students.
● Residents will be able to vote by email. Domestic partners who live at Lawrence can vote.

Responsibilities of Committee members (for a more complete description, see the Lawrence Committee constitution here
● President – runs the committee meetings
● VP – access to the budget, approving expenses, assisting with social events
● Webmaster – maintenance of Lawrence website, posting the minutes, keeping the website up to date and maintaining the Facebook page. Website is hosted by Princeton; it is a WordPress site.
● Social Chair – plans 2 social events per semester
● Garden Coordinator – most of the work is April – September. Work involves garden maintenance, making sure things are accessible. Contact University if things are needed. Getting garden tilled; dividing up garden and assigning plots; keep weeds out; patching fence to keep rabbits out.
● GSG representative – communicate between Lawrence residents and outside bodies – GSG meeting every month, GHAB (Graduate Housing Advisory Board) every month.
● Secretary – responding to Lawrence Committee emails, taking the minutes at the monthly meeting.
● Also, everyone assists with social events. Committee distributes the shovels during the snow.

Polling the residents – to address idea of asking Graduate School for additional funds for the committee. In future, committee aims to be more transparent and involve community members more.

Dima Goreshteyn – President
Burcin Cakir – Vice President
Sema Berkiten – Webmaster
James Park
Xiaoyu Tang – GSG representative
Olivia Martel – Graduate School
Nathaniel Chaney – proxy for Alison Chaney, Social Chair
A.J. Riggs – Garden Coordinator
Carol Ponce
Mai Yamaguchi
Sarah James
Julia Wittes – proxy for Lauren Anllo, Secretary