Princeton University

May Lawrence Committee Meeting Minutes

Discussion Topics:
Lawrence BBQ Event: The barbecue is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th at 5:30pm
The rain date will be May 21st. We will contact facilities about having access to the grill rental for the rain date if necessary.
Flyers will be posted at the bus stop, and e-mailed to residents
Residents will be able to sign up for grilling slots through an e-mailed Doodle poll
The event has been approved, and no GSG funding request is necessary

Laundry: New washing machines will be installed May 19th
Tuesday, May 19th, Laundry rooms in Building 1 and 10 will close completely for the day
5 new machines will be installed in Lawrence 1, 4 new machines will be installed in Lawrence 10

Garden: Lock and hose issues discussed
A lock with a numerical code has been ordered, and we are waiting for it to be received by the lock shop.
The hose by the far shed is slit, and will be repaired

Bike Clean up:
The clean-up is complete
Another clean up will happen in the Fall
Remember to park bikes in designated bike racks only

Parking Lots:
Residents should be sure to park in designated parking spots only
The University is aware that parking spots need to be repainted

Piano in Lawrence 14: This piano needs to be tuned and repaired
This summer, will look into scheduling a piano tuning
We will look into the cost of disposing of old pianos and moving in a new donated piano if a free donated piano becomes available in Lawrence by residents leaving the complex. If we do have a piano donated, we will not be tuning the current piano.

Dima Gorenshteyn
Xiaoyu Tang
Burcin Cakir
AJ Riggs
Olivia Martel
Lauren Anllo