Princeton University

January Meeting Minutes

Discussed Items

1. Rogue Internet: OIT will address rogue access points in the near future.

2. Bike racks:
a. Bikes should not be left chained to benches, or in the hallway. Please ask anyone with bikes in the hallway to remove them, as this is a fire hazard. Dave Young, our Superintendent, may also be contacted regarding this issue.
b. Bike racks will be cleaned out soon, providing more room to store bikes.
c. Remember to tag your bikes, since untagged bikes will be removed from the racks soon.

3. Broken Window in Lawrence 13: There is a part missing from the window requiring special glass, but Facilities is aware of this and the part will be coming soon.

4. Committee Expense Reports: It was brought to the committee’s attention that future reimbursement requests must be sent by a group’s Treasurer, the “expense delegate.” The committee will clarify whether this is true. If so, we must clarify whether the Vice President or the Social Chair should be listed as Treasurer, since our committee has no Treasurer position. If necessary, the Constitution may be amended to clarify whether the Vice President or Social Chair will be listed as Treasurer.

5. Washing Machines in Building 1: 2 new washers have recently been installed in Building 1. These washers have a rubber seal that can trap clothing or dirt. Olivia Martel made note of this issue.

6. Recent Social Event (Snowflakes and Hot Cocoa): Attendance was low, but this is often expected for indoor events. Allison requested suggestions for increasing attendance of indoor events, since these events are not clearly visible to all residents. Olivia suggested events such as a Superbowl party, or an awards-viewing party, to encourage residents to come indoors to focus on something together.

7. Elections:
a. 2 people will be running the elections next Tuesday in Lawrence 14.
b. An e-mail reminder about the elections will be sent very soon, and again on the day of the elections. The reminder will include instructions, and information about who can vote and where to read about the candidates.
c. Currently all positions are uncontested, and no one is currently running for GSG Representative.
d. After the elections, there will be a brief meeting so that newly elected committee members can discuss and clarify their new responsibilities with the current committee.
e. A list of all Lawrence Residents will be requested from Jim Poole. All Lawrence residents are eligible to vote in the elections, and residency will be confirmed on the list received from the housing office.

8. Online Communications:
a. Currently, the Constitution is not clearly visible on our Lawrence website. We would like Sema to modify the website so that the Constitution is clearly visible in a drop-down menu.
b. Going forward, our meeting minutes will be e-mailed to the Lawrence Committee so that the entire committee will have an opportunity to review the meeting minutes before they are posted.

Lauren Anllo
Andra Geana
Allison Chaney
Olivia Martel
Dmitriy Gorenshteyn
Jian Zhou
Xiaoyu Tang