Princeton University

December 2013 Minutes

Meeting Minutes:
  1. Shuttles on weekends?
    Would be nice, so lets nag the University, and make a shuttle to make our point that they’re needed.
  2. Shopping carts:
    probably time to send out another email asking people to bring them back.
  3. Lawrence social email list:
    a voluntary list to chat and invite people for social gatherings. Let’s ask the university to set one up, and do it in Google Groups if the University one is a hassle.
  4. Buying games for game night:
    Sounds like a good idea, and affordable. Let’s do it. Jason can do this if you give him a budget.
  5. Ice:
    frozen walkways could use some extra attention.

Jason Brodsky
Joseph D’Silva
Dima Gorenshteyn
Dan Collins
Nate Cheney
Cagin Ararat
Andra Geana
Tom Morrell
Yavuz Yetim
Sukret Hosdemil
Burcin Cakir
Sema Berkiten
Firdevs Ulus
Melissa Fei