Princeton University

October 2013 Minutes

We continue investigating the prospect of putting a snack machine in Lawrence. by the way, if you didn’t know, there’s a drink machine already in Lawrence 1.
Daniell Rowles, our social chair, has graduated. We are looking into running a special election to replace her. This might appeal to those looking to establish experience in advance of December’s elections.
First social event: pumpkin carving, on Tuesday 10/29, probably at 6pm.
Later social events: perhaps cookie decorating for the winter holidays? We’ll plan more in November.
Andra reports the traffic light leaving Lawrence has been having very long (timed at 4 minutes or more) wait times.  Olivia will follow up with her records from when this occurred before.
Recycling: Dima is waiting for someone from the GSG to give him the flyers. Jason will contact Office of Sustainability to see if they can bring electronics recycling bins to Lawrence.
Garden: Should the garden be tilled any time soon?
Olivia Martel
Dima Gorenshteyn
Andra Geana
Sarah Grady
Dan Collins
Jason Brodsky
Tom Morrell
Yavuz Yetim
Vijay Kumar