Princeton University

September 2013 Minutes

Items for discussion:
A. Welcome party
Tue 17 Sep 2013 5.30pm. Public safety will be present to do bike registrations. FREE FOOD. Olivia needs help with logistics.
B. Social events
Budget = $900 for the academic year. But we can ask GSG for more money. Allison: For smaller events people tend to come get food leave; doesn’t promote socialization. Verdict: spend a week to think about it. Email followup.
C. Recycling event
For disseminating information about recycling at Lawrence, composting etc. Contacting Office of Sustainability re: e-waste. Dima: there is already apparently supposed to be action taken (getting updates from GSG meeting tomorrow). Turn it into a social event? – Inconvenient Truth screening etc. Allison volunteered to make flyers/fridge magnets.
D. Wifi upgrading
If they enter individual apartments for work, residents are supposed to receive PERSONAL emails. Spotty wifi, possibly related to upgrading work (projected to be done inOctober); to be monitored. Trying not to bug OIT with complaints/requests.
E. Meeting times
Second Tuesdays 6pm.
F. Drink/snack vending machines
There’s a drinks machine in Law 1, but it doesn’t work. Olivia to ask Facilities about possible snack machine.
Olivia Martel
Allison Chaney
Dima Gorenshteyn
Andra Geana
Sema Berkiten
Sarah Grady
Jeongseok Lee
Joseph D’Silva
Guangyong Koh