Princeton University

January 2013 Minutes

Yavus is taking care of the snow shovels
Parking lines are faded, Olivia will investigate.

Recycling improvements, Daniell reporting: Olivia will see if we can get trash cans to put next to the junk mail recylcing bins so people don’t dump trash in the recyling. If that won’t work, maybe we can get caps for the bins with a slot for paper, to make it marginally less convenient to toss in trash.
Daniell: e-Waste recycling drive.  Also covering Lawrence recyling resources.  Daniell will contact sustainability.
Movie night: maybe once or twice a month. Daniell is in charge. Maybe watching sports games too.
We can only have alcohol at official Lawrence events if Olivia is there to supervise.
We have ordered a new 3-hole punch for the computer room. It will delivered to Andra this week.
Dima: Wifi is slowing down in building 1 on weekends.  No one else has noticed one way or another.  We’ll keep an eye on it, particularly if OIT moves forward with the long-term wifi improvements they discussed.


Yavus Yetim
Andra Geana
Jason Brodsky
Sarah Grady
Dima Gorenshteyn
Daniell Rowles
Allison Chaney
Olivia Martel