December Meeting Minutes

Hyungwon Kim
Daniell Rowles
Sarah Grady
Andra Geana
Jason Brodsky
Jaroslav Trnka
Jakub Szefer
Ana Bell
Allison Chaney
Patrick Ishizuka
Dmitry Gorenshteyn
Olivia Martel
Yavuz Yetim
The following issues were discussed:
New committee members!
President: Yavus Yetim
Vice President: Andra Geana
Secretary: Jason Brodsky
Web Master: Sarah Grady
GSG Representative: Dima Gorenshteyn
Social Chair: Daniell Rowles
Garden Coordinator: Allison Chaney
1. Last GSG meeting discussed how to improve graduate student life. Many thoughts have been collected. Stay tuned. 
2. Movie night will happen soon. It is planned to be regular.