Princeton University

Lawrence Committee and OIT – Meeting Minutes

The Committee met with OIT to discuss the wireless installation in Lawrence Apartments.
Hyungwon Kim
Jakub Szefer
Andra Geana
Yavuz Yetim
Ana Bell
Olivia Martel
Jaroslav Trnka
Leila Shahbendu (Senior Manager, OIT Customer Services)
David Morreale (Seinor Manager, Office of Information Technology)

1. New version of wi-fi system is being installed. For now, it is temporary treatment due to limited budget and tight timeline. Permanent installation will commence in about a year.
2. New version of wi-fi system will enhance the bandwidth by a factor of five. Therefore, no more need for private routers.
3. OIT will test the new wi-fi system from Saturday 04/28 6 am to Sunday 04/29 6 am. There will be a wi-fi outage during the test. Wired connection will still work.
4. OIT is sending a request for a RCC (Residential Computer Consultant). RCCs deal with computer problems before OIT sends a staff member to Lawrence. It is a paid position.
5. New wi-fi system will block/filter unnecessary broadcasts.