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Help – Windshield Damage

A resident recently reported damage to his car’s windshield while it was parked in the Lawrence parking lot. If you have any information, please email the Lawrence Committee and we can pass your information on. Here is a copy of the resident’s email:

"When I got home from work yesterday at 4:30, I noticed a crack in the windshield of my car (an older light blue Nissan sedan).  The windshield was fine when I left the car there at about 9:30am, so I’m not sure what happened.  There is a small crack about midway up the windshield running horizontally from the edge on the passenger’s side.  There were no rocks or other objects anywhere near the car and nothing in the area or on other cars that could explain why our windshield might be cracked.

We were parked in a space at the end of a row, so no other car could have been next to us on the side where the crack appeared.  The spot faces the area where the sidewalk coming down Alexander street ends and the parking lots begins, however, so it may be that someone on a bike accidentally hit the windshield with their handle bar while riding past the car.

I can’t file an insurance claim if I don’t know how the crack happened, so if anyone in Lawrence knows anything (or maybe accidentally hit the car but didn’t realize that the windshield had cracked), it would really help me out if they got in touch with me."