Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – December Meeting Minutes

Minutes for December 5, 2007 Meeting:

  1. Housing office has set up a new mailing list. All current residents will be automatically
    subscribed to the list. Spouses who wish to be added onto the list needs to subscribe.
    Directions will be posted on the Lawrence website

  2. Current budget is around $1600. The committee talked about ways to spend some of that money.
    Ideas include more outdoor furniture

  3. As the winter season begins, the issue of the availability of snow shovel was brought up.
    Tara indicated that she would look into it.

  4. Next social event will be the holiday part on 12/13/07. We will have hot cider,hot chocolate,
    holiday cookies, pastries and other sweets. Annoucements for the events are posted
    around the Lawrence Apartments.

  5. Katied brought up that the University housing will soon adopt a formal policy regarding
    the number of residents allowed to live in all university housing. More details will be
    made available in the future

  6. Questions regarding the rules about noise level in the university housing was brought up.
    Basically the policy states that noise needs to be minimized after midnight.

  7. Next Lawerence committee meeting will be held on 1/16/08