Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – October Meeting Minutes

Minutes for October 17, 2007 Meeting

Attendees: Katie, Ilias, Kim, Philipp, Tamas, Patrick; Melanie, Yaron and Karen; Tara, Patty Smith

  1. Patty Smith Associate Director, Operations in the Housing department attended. She described her role as advocating and assisting day to day operations and long-term projects, working with Graduate Housing to push forward funded projects, such as repairs for the Building 10 laundry room dryer ventilation (which will start soon). She also mentioned the bicycle removal and give-away process and asked for ideas on how this could proceed better in the future. Patty reported that the heat in Lawrence was turned on Oct 15. (The heat for buildings 2-7 is supplied by building 1).

    We brought to Patty’s attention our major maintenance requests (submitted in Aug 07):

    • Overhaul/replacement of current Old Lawrence low-rise buzzer system
      with an phone-independent intercom system (similar to that in New
    • Addition of a ramp to the first floor of the Lawrence High Rise
    • Removal/replacement of the decrepit picnic tables from the Old
      Lawrence low-rise area courtyard, add outdoor furniture, tear up that
      pavement in the courtyard and put in grass
    • Renovation of the heating system in low-rise apartments
    • Increasing size of Community room to fit more than a fraction of

    She reported that the low-rises (Buildings 2-7) will at some point get renovation (not as extensive as Building 1) to fix heating, etc; that the Building 1 ramp is being priced; that the original plans for Lawrence included a much larger Community room, which was evidently scrapped.

    Patty Smith also reported on an upcoming meeting with George Shields of Patriot Media in which they will discuss the unacceptable solicitation factitively by Patriot (which we are assured has ceased), and how Patriot can properly communicate with residents its special student-offers and rates. The Vendor Fair is the only sanctioned opportunity for advertising to Princeton faculty, staff, and students. She will request “No Soliciting” signs, but is unsure if event temporary signs will be permitted, as the University is not in the habit of posting such signs on its property.

    Action Item: Put on the Lawrence website FAQ: For spouses, faculty, and non-students who will not get emergency emails by default, please email Patty Smith psmith@Princeton.EDU to be put on a “please-include” email list to receive these emergency messages.

  2. Old Business
    1. Last event: Wine and Cheese was successful. The total spent was $620, $250 of which was provided by the GSG Events Board. The specifics of the leftover wine and remaining cups, plates, utensils, etc (placed in the locked cabinets in the Bld 14 kitchen) was emailed to the committee. Receipts will be submitted by Tara this week.
    2. Budget: The amount remaining (after the cost of the last event and the yearly cost of cable) is $1770. We also have ~$1000 in a Sovereign Bank account, origin of which lost to history that we will put toward a large scale community event or gift.
    3. Chocolate Tasting Event, hosted by Melanie wood will happen on Oct 21. She received a huge response and would like to hold another similar event. At the Sept meeting, committee agreed to fund this event jointly with the GSGEB, contributing $50.
  3. New Business
    • Melanie proposed a second Chocolate tasting event, similar setup, for 30 people. Est total cost $150. If a $1 nominal fee is charged, and the GSG Events Board provides half the funding, Lawrence Committee will fund balance. Melanie would also like to have a movie night over fall break, with the Committee agreed to fund fully.
    • In response to resident problem with reserving the Building 14 common room for TV and events, we will: 1) Tara will look into the possibility of moving cable to Building 1 common room, and making Building 14 common room default for other non-TV events (parties, etc) 2) Tamas will work with Tara to display a web-calendar so that residents are forewarned of events.
    • [The process of residents reserving the Community Rooms remains the same: They must email Tara tmccart@Princeton.EDU in advance and request the time/date from her. Her reply will include reminders to complete an events registration form and the relevant policies (alcohol, etc).]
    • We welcomed Yaron and Keren, Lawrence residents to this meeting. Yaron is a Near-Eastern Studies student, Karen is Director of New Initiatives and Strategic Communications at the Princeton Center for Jewish Life.
    • Next two meetings will be November 7 and December 5, 830PM, Building 1 Community Room. The next Committee event will be in December and planned at the November meeting.