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Lawrence Committee – February Meeting Minutes

Minutes for February 11, 2007 Meeting:

  1. March meeting is set for March 7, Wednesday 8:30pm.
  2. Elections:
    • Jennifer will draft an email to the residents advertising that we’re accepting nominations.
    • Positions open: Secretary, VP/Treasurer, Social Chair
    • deadline for nominations is 3/6/07 (before next meeting)
    • advertise perk well
    • nominees have to attend 1 committee meeting to be eligible to run
    • must be current Lawrence resident
    • it is possible to nominate yourself
    • Katis’s email will be used to accept nominations
    • elections will be held 3/8 ‚Äì3/15
  3. Remember as a major maintenance request: renovation of the heating system in low-rise apartments, and buzzer system in low-rises.
  4. Website issues have all been taken care of by Tamas.
  5. We residents of the high rise are still eagerly awaiting an email with more specific information about the CO warnings.
  6. Car accident in New Lawrence parking lot due to illegal parking: an email should have been sent to residents list to notify of the issue. We will follow up with Dave Young, and perhaps Public Safety.
  7. The % rent increase at Grad College is higher than % stipend increase: Katie pursued the issue with the GSG and was assured that this is only b/c Grad College is in a special category, together with undergrad dorms, and is not a general slipping of the recently fought-for policy of only increasing rent at rate of stipend increase.
  8. Children in high-rise: Katie is avidly pursuing the issue. The deal is now that people with kids can live in high-rise by going through the hardship application. Next step is to go to Dean Russell.
  9. Next event: Indian dinner from Udipi Cafe, Feb. 21, Wednesday 6:30pm. For estimated 75-80 people.
    • Jennifer will order the food and pick it up.
    • Katie will take care of utensils, plates, cups, et misc; and event registration.
    • Tamas will advertise with signs and draft an email advertisement to be sent by Patrick or Jennifer; and will bring leftover wine.
    • Ilias, Jennifer, Patrick, Katie will help with set-up and clean-up.
  10. There is some concern over the use of the high-rise community room and the children’s toys being out such that cleaning is difficult.