Princeton University

Can I deliver packages to Frist?

The committee would like to announce that for select high-value shipments, residents have the option to ship their packages to Frist. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Due to capacity constraints residents are requested to only use this service for high-value shipments. Residents will be assigned a temporary box # which will be good only for that single package and subject to change for any future shipments they might receive.
  • To use this service, residents should email Aaron Sked prior to placing any orders.
  • Aaron will reply with a box number # which should be used as the ship-to address.
  • When the item is delivered, the recipient will receive an automated email instructing them to pick up the item at Frist Campus Center.
  • Should residents have any subsequent orders, they will need to speak to Aaron again to get a new box assignment. 
  • Print and Mail services will monitor the volume of package delivery at Frist to ensure there is sufficient space for Frist to receive packages.