The Lawrence Committee

The Lawrence Committee is a group of Lawrence residents, including graduate students and spouses or partners, elected to organize the community life of the Lawrence Apartments and represent the interests of Lawrence residents to the housing office.

All residents are always invited to all committee meetings, typically on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the community room in Building 1. There are no summer meetings.

Minutes from the committee meetings are located here.

To contact the committee regarding any problems, or if you have comments or questions, email The email will go to all the committee members, and whichever member the question is targeted at will respond as soon as possible. Please contact the Housing Office, not the Lawrence Committee, with any questions about Lawrence housing availability.

The committee’s aims and procedures are outlined in its Constitution. Generally, elections are held in December, and residents desiring to serve on the committee must have attended several meetings previously. Historically, the University has provided committee members with priority in the Spring housing draw, although this is by no means guaranteed in the future.

Community Associates also organize social and service events for graduate students.)

We recommend that all residents subscribe to the Lawrence Apartments email list. Subscription should happen automatically for students who are new residents. Others who would like to be on the list can follow the posted instructions.


Committee Members (as of January 2018):

President: Sarah James
Vice President: Emilce Santana
Secretary: Ran Zhang
Social Chair: Amitesh Datta
Webmaster: Ruth Dannenfelser
GSG Representative: Joshua Bauchner
Garden Coordinator: Mauricio Loyola

Mailing Lists

The Lawrence committee uses the email list to send news and announcements, inform residents of upcoming events, and broadcast the minutes of the monthly committee meetings. All members of the Lawrence community are encouraged to join the list.

The committee strives to keep email traffic on the list to a minimum and sends emails only a few times per month. To receive more frequent updates, you can subscribe via RSS to this website. If you have notices or announcements such as lost and found information that you would like to broadcast to the community, please email the committee.

Note that the committee does not generally publish notices for events not sponsored by the committee. You can broadcast information about such events through the weekly GSEvents emails by contacting Lisa Schreyer. If you have items, such as furniture, for sale, you can use Craigslist or Princeton’s TigerTrade system.

You can manage your subscription (ie subscribe, unsubscribe, change preferences) at the Princeton University Listserv. You need to go to “Subscribers Corner” and then log in, select “Email Lists,” and scroll to the search box at the bottom of the page. The name of the list is lawrence-res.

It is very important that you log in before attempting to subscribe. Unless you log in, you won’t see the lists. If you experience problems, please call the OIT helpdesk.

You might be interested in some other lists, available using the same interface:

  • The lawrence-garden list, managed by the Garden Coordinator Allison Chaney. This provides an arena for communications regarding the Lawrence Apartment garden (reserving plots, animal problems, shed tools etc.)
  • The lawrence-sl list, managed by the Community Programs Coordinator, with weekly mailings containing information on meetings, events, and activities within the campus and the community.
  • The childcare list, for exchanging babysitting time within our grad school community.