Apartment Information

The Lawrence Apartments consist of a 12 floor high-rise building that has 1-bedroom apartments (Building #1, completely renovated in 2005), six 2-floor buildings that have 2-bedroom apartments (Buildings #2-7, built in the 1970’s), and seven new buildings that have studios, one-, and two-bedroom apartments (Buildings #8-14, built in 2002). Buildings 1, 10, 11, and 12 have elevators, the others do not. All rooms in Lawrence 2-6 are pet friendly (large animals such as dogs and cats allowed). For all other units in Lawrence, only pets that can be humanely restricted to cages, bowls, or aquariums are permitted (no cats or dogs). All buildings are smoke-free.

These apartments are owned and maintained by Princeton University and house Princeton graduate students and their families. Floor plans and many useful forms (Intent to Vacate, Apartment Extension Request, etc) can be found on the Graduate Housing website.

Social activities at Lawrence are organized by the Lawrence Committee. These include barbecues, wine and cheese events, and outdoor activities. For more information or to become involved with the committee, attend a meeting or email them.

The Lawrence Apartment Emergency Action Plan, including phone numbers and email address of safety officials, can be found here.

Cost of living per month

             Buildings 1-7                 Buildings 8-14
                  2 BR         1 BR         2 BR         1 BR         Studio
2004-2005 $979+el. N/A         $1,452 $1,065 $788
2005-2006 $1008+el. $829+el. $1,200 $900 $575
2006-2007 $1038+el. $854+el. $1,236 $927 $592
2008-2009 $1164+el. $959+el. $1,314 $1,009 $657
2009-2010 $1190+el. $980+el. $1,342 $1,031 $671
2012-2013 $1300+el. $1071+el. $1,466 $1,127 $733

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