Princeton University

January 2023 Lawrence Committee Minutes

  • At 4:30 PM on January 10, the Lawrence Committee held a monthly town hall meeting over zoom. The following are the minutes of that meeting.
  • The committee reviewed the ongoing results of the community survey, which received over 100 responses so far.
    • The committee noted resident suggestions about building signage, a central delivery location for mail, package shelving, and more.
      • The University is currently revisiting issues relating to mail delivery on campus and the committee plans to share the results of the survey to help inform that discussion.
    • The committee also noted a lot of resident concerns about smoking and is looking into potential solutions such as adding signs to buildings and collaborating with the university department of Environmental Health and Safety to improve smoke disposal bins.
    • The committee discussed concerns about facilities arriving at apartments unannounced, especially when residents have pets.
      • It was noted that if a resident puts in a maintenance request, they can select to be notified when the repairs will occur when filling out a work order.
    • Regarding the survey questions on security, about 76% of respondents expressed support for some level of cameras while 23% of respondents opposed cameras.
      • The committee will not take a stance on the issue, but will share the data and open response answers with P-safe.
  • Committee members in attendance:
    • Hannah
    • Harry
    • Kimmie
    • Josh
    • Liz
    • Michelle
    • Hassan
    • Kristin