Princeton University

September 2022 Lawrence Committee Minutes

At 4 PM on September 13th, the Lawrence Committee held a monthly town hall meeting over zoom. The following are the minutes of this meeting.

  • The Lawrence Constitution Committee is proposing two amendments to the Lawrence Constitution which will be voted on on Friday 9/23. Stay tuned for an announcement with more details later today.
  • Since it’s the beginning of the school year, the committee wanted to note that free bike/scooter lights are available for those who register bikes or scooters with the university. After registering your vehicle, stay tuned for an email about the giveaway from Transportation.
  • The committee discussed funding for the following events over the next two months: a spouses mixer in October; Lawrence Yoga; and trick-or-treating around Halloween. The external relations delegate and social chair will work together to acquire the funds for these events. Stay tuned for announcements!
  • The committee at-length discussed problems with Lawrence spouses/partners not receiving emails about Lawrence.
    • Due to limitations in the housing system’s software, parteners cannot be added to the lawrence-res listserv. The committee is exploring two solutions.
    • The first solution is to have students forward emails to their partners by setting up an auto-forward instruction in google. This has the benefit that any and all emails they receive from Housing or the Committee can be sent over. The committee is considering putting together a guide to show residents how this can be accomplished in Gmail.
    • The second solution is to create a separate listserv independent of lawrence-res that spouses can sign on to. The idea would be that the committee would create a form spouses could fill out which would add them to the Listserv. Then, whenever the Committee itself sends an email, they would send it to both lawrence-res and the listserv. The secretary will contact OIT about this option. This has the downside that the committee cannot forward emails from Housing.
  • The committee also discussed budget related items.
    • The committee is looking at the cost and feasibility of either repairing or replacing the garden sheds in Lawrence, but is running into issues since replacements are very expensive.
  • The committee is working on designing posters and guidelines to address conflict resolution with neighbors at Lawrence (e.g. regarding smoking disturbances, loud music at night, other disruptive behavior). Please look out for announcements and signage regarding conflict resolution in the next few weeks.
  • The committee is working with housing to look at package shelving solutions for Buildings 1 and 12. While the committee proposed some solutions, shelves need to be secured to the wall, which is the main obstacle at present.
  • The committee is looking at how to bring up conversations regarding improving the patterns of the stoplight at Lawrence and Alexander.
  • Committee members in attendance
    • Josh
    • Hassan
    • Michelle
    • Kevin
    • Deepen
    • Liz
    • Kristin
    • Jessica