Princeton University

February 2022: Laundry and Smoking Policies

The Lawrence Committee would like to emphasize the following guidelines for laundry rooms at Lawrence.

  1. Set a timer to pick up your laundry when it’s done.
    1. It’s inconsiderate to leave clothing in the machines after they’re done — other residents are waiting to use them.
    2. Leaving clothing in machines increases the risk someone will move your laundry, meaning you might lose items.
  2. Do not overload the washers. Overloading puts undue wear and tear on the machines, causes them to break more often, and will not properly clean your laundry.
  3. Clean up any messes (wipe up spilt detergent, clean out lint, pick up your supplies, etc.)
  4. Report broken machines and write the info on the dry-erase boards

The Committee would also like to remind residents that all smoking is strictly prohibited inside apartments and within 25 feet of Lawrence buildings.