Princeton University

November Minutes

Items discussed:
1. Wi-fi problem
OIT has reported the slowing down of wi-fi signal in some buildings and they have observed private wireless points in several buildings. Reminders regarding the policy towards personal wifi set up will be sent out to residents.

2. Election
The election for the next tenure will take place in January. The committee will send out emails to announce the instructions and timeline.

3. Study break
We are planning to organize a study break in the form of a small party or ‘snow flake cutting’ in January. Details will be discussed next meeting and notice will be sent out after that.

4. Several suggestions were raised:
a. Getting more benches in the Lawrence complex, especially at the rear door of Lawrence 1.
b. Installing more bike racks and cleaning up old bikes.

Mercedes Valmisa
Sergio Luque
Olivia Martel
Allison Chaney
Andra Geana
Dmitriy Gorenshteyn
Haotian Pang
AJ Riggs
Chun (Tracy) Liu
Burcin Cakir
Xiaoyu Tang