September Minutes

The main three issues discussed:

  1. Internet problems due to private wireless points, such as personal wireless routers or other pieces of equipment that broadcast over wireless, about which the committee decided to send a reminder to the residents,
  2. The Lawrence Welcome Picnic which will be held this week.
  3. About the vacant positions, we are planning to send an election email to the residents.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Hi Sema,

    My fiancee and I have just moved into Lawrence apartment a couple of months ago, and we are interested in getting more involved with the Lawrence community. Would you be able to tell me when the next meeting is? Also, I would love to here about any vacant positions, as you mentioned above.

    Thanks so much,
    Lauren Anllo

    • Every month, we have a meeting usually on the second Tuesday of the month. We send email a few days before the meeting.

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