Princeton University

January Meeting Minutes

Items discussed:

  1. Cardio Room
    Having a cardio room may not be feasible. However, the committee will
    ask whether it is possible to add extra busses that go to the gym at
    certain hours.
  2. Weekend Shuttles
    Addition of shuttles to the campus that run during weekends (or extra stops for saturday shoppers) will be requested.
  3. Snow Shovels
    When it snows, community snow shovels will be available to the residents at different places(two in front of the white cabin near the dumpster, two in front of Lawrence 1, and two in front of the bus station).

Allison Chaney
Joseph D’Silva
Dima Gorenshteyn
Burcin Cakir
Sema Berkiten
Yavuz Yetim
Olivia Martel