Princeton University

November Meeting Minutes


Jason Brodsky
George Stenlik
Eric Smith
Ana Bell
Andra Geana
Allison Chancy
Jakub Szefer
Ozlen Bilgir Yelim
Sarah Grady
Jaroslav Trnka
Jan Davey
Olivia Martel
Danielle Rowles
Yavuz Yetim
Elizabeth Osenbaugh
Patrick Ishizuica

The following issues have been discussed:

(1) Meeting with Jim Poole, the new Graduate Housing Director
– Next year, they will try including 3rd-years in the housing retention policy. Please wait for the update.
– We’ll meet with him in the future to discuss getting some small capital improvements to make Lawrence more fun (community room improvements?)
– Hibben-Magie will become Lakeside, and will be quite nice, with many amenities and various room sizes.

(2) Other possibilities for capital improvements
– Housing sometimes asks what we’d like
– We should encourage residents to email us with ideas of what they’d want
– For this year, there might not be enough money.

(3) Winter is coming!
– Snow shovels are in good shape. There are at least 10 in the Bldg 14 closet.  Daniell is in charge of them.  We hope they will encourage people to be polite about returning & sharing shovels.

(4) Dog in playground.  The owner has been told this isn’t allowed, so we’ll wait to see if it happens again before worrying about a sign.

(5) Combination elections & social event

– Schedule:
     7:30 Meeting & cookies
    7:45 Candidate speeches
    8-8:15 Voting
– Jaroslav, Jakub and Ana are in charge of organizing the election, as they are not running.
– Danielle will organize a social event during this time involving cookies. Should be low-key and inexpensive.

(6) We sent out an email about candidacy/registration/profiles
– Dec 5 deadline to declare candidacy and submit a statment
– Dec 7 deadline to change position you are running for