Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – September Meeting Minutes

Hyungwon Kim
Ian Davey
Daniell Rowles
Olivia Martel
Yaroslav Trnka
Jakub Szefer
Sabbir Liakat
Yavuz Yetim
Andra Geana
John Klopher
The following issues were discussed:
1. The committee will send out a welcome email to residents about
(a) Let residents know about the community blog where people can find out general information about Lawrence apartment.
(b) Emphasize main concerns – Shopping carts, lundry room policy, no personal router policy, and how to acquire package delivery
2. Shuttle bus schedule and route have been changed. Olivia will check with the transportation department about the details.
3. We will buy irons and boards for the laundry room in building #1
4. There will be two social events this semester. One is scheduled on November 1. The other will take place around in the beginning of December.
5. Entrance door in the building #1 seems to be poorly working.
6. Security issues were raised. Residents should know how to work their doors of the unit.