Princeton University

Social Chair Elections 2011 – Candidates

The following candidates have been nominated for positions on the
Lawrence Committee.

Yavuz Yetim – “Hi, I am one of the people who miss the social atmosphere back at the
Graduate College. At Lawrence Apartments, there are countless residents
who complain about the lack of a D-Bar, table tennis tables, pool tables
and the fun of having brunch on Sundays with all the other people.

To be realistic, duplicating all of these with our limited income is
impossible. However, with our strong community and making the best use
of the money we have, I believe we can:
– Get some table tennis tables, rackets and balls
– Promote Sunday brunch that can be a joint effort of all the community
(instead of relying on the small spending)
– Negotiate with the housing office and make a two year plan for a small
– Arrange distributed movie nights (same show or movie in different
community or meeting rooms)

I hope that all the residents will help me achieve these (and you can
begin by voting for me!!!)

Gonzalo Aniano – “This is Gonzalo, and I want to be the Lawrence Social Chair.  Let’s face it, Lawrence does not have much of a social scene.  But if there’s anyone able to bring life to it, that person is me.  I’m a fun guy that’s into dancing, music, food and wine tastings nights, yoga, sports, etc.  I not only host my own get-togethers of these regularly, both large and small, but I also organize events through the salsa club on campus.  Ask anyone who knows me and they can vouch for not only my social nature but also my success at putting together great events.  And that’s what Lawrence needs: Someone with ideas, energy, and a proven social track record.  Lawrence needs more than the same old events that attract 7 people or where everyone grabs the food and leaves.  This means real parties, on-site fitness classes, summer BBQs, cooking collaborations, popular movies, or whatever good ideas will actually bring neighbors together and make our lives more fun and convenient.  I don’t want Law
rence to be the GC.  There’s the GC for that.  Lawrence needs its own scene and I’m the one to make it happen!”

Robert Cooper – “Hi everyone, I’m Robert Cooper and I’m running for Lawrence Social Chair.  I have been active in the Lawrence community for several years, and I would like the opportunity to become more so.  Lawrence is a great community, but the apartment layout can make it difficult for us to meet and get to know our neighbors.  While big events like the annual bar-b-que and wine & cheese socials definitely help, these are only once a year and I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember names that long.

I’d like to see more frequent lower-budget but potentially more interesting events that can help foster community spirit, for example regular games nights.  I also want to make it easier for all of you to organize and fund your own events when you have ideas you’d like to make happen.  Thanks for your time and have a good Spring!”