Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – September Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the September 2009 meeting of the Lawrence committee have been posted. The next meeting is scheduled for October 21, 2009 at 8:30PM in the community room at 1 Lawrence Drive.

Minutes for September 23, 2009 Meeting:

  1. Attendance
    • Charles Lu
    • Maja Klosinska
    • Olivia Martel
    • Christina Hultholm
    • Steven Bergsieker
    • Sevil Cakir Kilincoglu
    • Karin McDonald
    • Tao Yue
    • Robert Cooper
  2. USD 999.00 was deposited in the Lawrence Committee Account by the Graduate School.  Olivia is inquiring about whether we will additionally receive the typical yearly funds from Princeton Housing.  Current balance of the Lawrence Account is USD 953.45.
  3. Two staplers have been purchased for each of the computer labs in the Lawrence Apartments Complex – one for Building 1 and another for Building 14. The staplers are labeled ‘Property of Lawrence Apartments’.
  4. With funds from the office of sustainability, Maja has purchased a new composter for the garden.
  5. Charles will be purchasing a hose and nozzle for community use to wash cars during the summer.  Maja will be storing this hose in the garden shed during the winter months.
  6. Next Tuesday, 9/29 Olivia is hosting a Lawrence welcoming event 5:30- 7:30 outside, if weather is not permitting the event will be held in the common room of building 14.  Hoagie Haven subs, chips, and drinks will be provided by Olivia.  The Lawrence Committee will be attending and contributing desserts.  Sevil will be purchasing the cookies.  It was suggested that next year, the committee should give out an item such as a key chain, to residents with the website advertised.  This would need to be planned in advance.
  7. Christina proposed that the committee organize a fall inspired, kid-friendly social event at the end of October.  Event will be planned for Wednesday, October 28th at 6pm.
  8. A second community event will be planned in November.  Ideas suggested were a wine and cheese, or pizza and beer social happy hour.  We will discuss these options next meeting when the Lawrence Account balance for the school year is known and finilized.
  9. GSG update from Christina- Next housing meeting is scheduled for 10/19; Shuttle feedback to the GSG committee is welcome; Changes to the university printing policy are being discussed.
  10. Maja would like to purchase a lawn mower for the garden area.  She will be researching this.  
  11. It was also suggested by Maja that something be done to address people not promptly removing their laundry from the washers, such as a clock in the laundry facility.  It was decided that a sign would be posted to remind people to be courteous.
  12. Resident Tao Yue requested that a larger mail drop-box be available for Lawrence 1.  This will be looked in to by Olivia.
  13. Olivia update:
    • A new bike shed is still on the wish list but is not fiscally feasible at this time.  Bike removal will be organized soon and this should help increase storage space in the shed.  Any stolen bikes should be reported to public safety.
    • Saturday October 3rd is community staff day.  Olivia asked for help from committee members in running a craft and operation gratitude table which will be open 12-3:30.  Any time that could be volunteered would be appreciated, let Olivia know as soon as possible it you can help.
    • The Dean of the Graduate School will be hosting a dinner at his house, sign-up if you are interested in attending.
    • Maintenance request to install a ramp in the back of building is immediately in the works.
    • Card swipe system for the laundry room will cost up to 15,000 dollars.  It is still being kept in consideration.
  14. Election for Lawrence Committee will be held in December.  All positions are open.  To run for president one year of experience on the committee is required.  In order to be eligible to run a candidate must attend two meetings.  Charles will email to announce requirements.
  15. Steven announced that the Lawrence email list has been refreshed to remove all non-residents, therefore spouses need to re-register.
  16. Old business of photographs being hung to decorate Lawrence Buildings was addressed.  The opinion was voiced that it would be preferable to put this money towards other social events.  A vote was taken by the committee to drop this item from the agenda.  The vote was unanimous in favor of not hanging photos.
  17. The next meeting will take place on 10/21/09 at 8:30PM in the community room, 1 Lawrence Drive.