Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – May Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the May 2009 meeting of the Lawrence committee have been posted. There are no committee meetings over the summer. The next meeting is scheduled for September 23, 2009 at 8:30PM in the community room at 1 Lawrence Drive.

Minutes for May 20th, 2009 Meeting:

1. Attendance

Charles Lu
Maja Klosinska
Denise Kassab
Olivia Martel
Christina Hultholm
Steven Bergsieker

The following major issues were discussed:

1. The Lawrence Committee Meetings are not held during the summer – The next
Meeting will take place on September 16th, 2009

2. The annual Spring BBQ which took place on May 15th was considered a
success. The cost of the BBQ was USD 516.03 in addition to approximately
USD 150 in equipment. For next year, more lettuce, tomatoes, cookies and
fruit will be needed.

3. There are now USD 290 remaining in the Lawrence Committee account which
needs to be spent by mid-June. It was decided by the Committee that an Ice
Cream Social will be held on June 11th at 6pm outside Building 14. Ice
cream will be purchased at Thomas Sweet – Denise will get a price quote.

4. A Lost and Found box will soon be placed in the computer lab of Building

5. Charles has purchased two staplers for each of the computer labs in the
Lawrence Apartments Complex – one for Building 1 and another for Building
14. The staplers will be labeled ‘Property of Lawrence Apartments’ but
unfortunately these are too small to be locked down.

6. The Committee will organize a ‘Garage Sale’ on June 27th from 4-6pm at the
courtyards of Buildings 14 and that of Buildings 2-7. Residents will be
able to sell household items to future residents but will be responsible
for all items. The event will be cancelled in the event of rain or bad

7. Maja has purchased a wheelbarrow, 2 sets of hoses, 2 nozzles, 1 rake, a
soil testing kit and a batch of mulch for the community garden. The
tool-shed has been temporarily fixed. An extra 3 double batches of mulch
and 3 batches of wood chips will still be purchased. Regarding the
composter, a request to purchase a new one will be made to the University’s
Sustainability Office.

8. Christina gave the following update on the Housing policy meeting – a
Furniture drive will take place on Campus (Scully and Dodd) in which
students are able to donate furniture. The event will take place on June
2nd from 3-9pm and June 3rd from 10am-7pm.

9. Olivia is to meet the following week with Matt Ferry from Facilities – on
the agenda is the issue of the card swipe system for the Laundry rooms.

10. Steven stated that the pictures of empty Lawrence Apartments have been
taken and will be put up on the website.

11. Charles stated that pictures taken last year are to be framed and hung
within the Buildings of Lawrence Apartments. Charles will ask the previous
webmaster, Tamas Papp for the pictures and will purchase the frames over
the summer.

The next meeting will take place on 9/16/09 at 8:30PM in the community room at
1 Lawrence Drive.