Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – March Meeting Minutes

Minutes for March 12, 2008 Meeting:

  1. Third Meeting of 2008. In addition to all the committee members present, 12 people who are interested
    in running for a position on the Lawrence Committee also showed up. The candidates and their position of
    interest are listed below:

    • Ben Tiede GSG Rep
    • Ye Chen Social Chair
    • Melanie Wood Social Chair
    • Yi Sun GSG Rep
    • Keren Leiby both positions
    • Rose Ndong GSG Rep
    • Meghan Bellows GSG Rep
    • Spencer Quiel GSG Rep
    • Yunzhou Wei not decided
    • Robert Cooper Both positions
    • Bin Li GSG Rep
    • Yiftah Elazar Both positions
  2. Although the original plan was to hold the elections for the two available spots within the next
    two weeks, it was pointed out that the election procedure as outlined in the Lawerence committee
    constitution was not being adhered to. Consequently the issue was brough to the graduate school who
    declared that the election procedure must follow that stated in the constituion. Before the final
    decisions has been reached, the lawerence committe elections are temporarily put on hold until the final
    decision has been reached.

  3. After the Wine Cheese event on 3/11/08 the current budget is around $1000 with another $1100 from the Soverign Bank account.
    Since the last meeting, the Lawrence residents were asked to submit ideas on how to improve the apartment with
    existing funds. Ideas include replacing barbecue grills, building a better bike shelter, replace the hammock,
    purchasing board games, additional outdoor chair. Some new ideas include, installing more emergency phone,small
    gym (Olivia informed us that it would be unlikely due to liability issue),outdoor table tennis table, basketball hoop.

  4. Olivia presented some of the graduate housing response to our annual major maintenance request.
    1. Barbecue grills – All grilling areas will be relocated, grills replaced, concerte will also be placed
      under the grill
    2. Change machine at the Laundry room will not happen due to possibility of theft. Olivia promised to look
      into the feasiblity of installing a swipe card system.
    3. Hall decorations with pictures has been approved by the graduate housing office
    4. More shopping carts will be provided to the Lawrence community soon. A request was also put in for more
      flatbed carts during the moving week. Also in response to the lack of shopping carts in the designated area,
      an email will be sent out to the community to remind eveyrone to return the shopping carts to the common
      area (next to the dumpster).
  5. Various ideas for the next social event was discussed. One real possibility is a outdoor movie night sometime in May.
    Details remain to be worked out. Other ideas include beer tasting and free golf night was also brought up.

  6. Next Lawerence committee meeting will be held on 4/16/08. The GSG rep will attend the housing policy meeting on 4/10/08