Laundry Facilities

laundry room in Bldg 1 laundry room laundry room

There are three laundry rooms: one in the ground floor of building 1, one in the first floor of building 10, and one in the first floor of building 14.

Coin-operated washing machines and dryers are available: 50 cents per wash, 25 cents for each 15 minutes of drying. There are no change machines due to liability and maintenance concerns.You can get rolls of quarters at the counter of your bank.

IMPORTANT: the new washing machines in buildings 10 and 14 have High Efficiency washers, and work best with high efficiency soap. Such soap can be found in any store, and can be identified by HE on the label.

If you discover a broken laundry machine, place an orange out-of-order sign on it, then file a maintenance request describing the problem to ensure that it is fixed promptly.

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