Computer Clusters

computer_room.jpgOne computer cluster is located in building 14 and another in building 1. The doors can be open using your apartment building key or by punching in a code. If you would like the code, please ask a neighbor or the Lawrence Committee for the code.

The computer cluster has a printer and several computers of each platform. You need a university ID to login. Priority is given to residents who use the computers for papers, projects, and other research or course-related work. Next priority is given to checking email or web-browsing. Least priority is given to playing computer games. Please be considerate when using these computers, especially if you are using it for low-priority activities.

There is a black-and-white laser printer hooked up to the network in this room for student use.

Eating and drinking are not allowed in the computer cluster. Please do not leave computers logged in if you are going away from the room for over half-an-hour. The system will automatically log you out, but it would be polite–and more secure–if you did so yourself.

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