Community Property

The apartments have several items that are available for everyone to use. Please be take good care of these items and return them to the common spaces when you are finished with them.

The community rooms (and occasionally the lawns) have a collection of toys for children of all ages. The committee occasionally purchases new toys if there are leftover funds at the end of the year.

There are a variety of shopping cards, flat-bed carts, and dollies located near each dumpster. These can be very useful for transporting groceries, boxes, furniture, etc. When you are done using a cart, please return it to the designated places near the dumpsters. Do not leave the cart in your apartment, in the hallway outside of your apartment, or behind your building! (That means you, building 14 and the fourth floor of building 10!)

There are televisions with DVD players in both of the community rooms. The building 14 community room also has basic cable service.

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