Lost package

A resident who lives in Lawrence Building 12, Apt 306 has been missing a package containing a book since ~October 16. If anyone has seen or is in possession of the package, please contact the Lawrence Committee by emailing lawrapts@princeton.edu.

Stolen laundry basket

Missing Laundry Basket (with a broken handle)
Date: 11/15/2014 (Saturday)
Time: Between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Location: 14 Lawrence Laundry Room
The owner will greatly appreciated if the laundry basket can be returned to the same laundry room, where she can go pick it up.
Here is a picture of how it looked like:

Missing Package

Dear Lawrence Residents,

I live in Lawrence Bldg 11 Apt 404. I had a package from Martin Microwave Inc. (it’s a Sunbeam Microwave Glass Turntable Plate) that was apparently delivered last Saturday, Aug 2 at ~11am. I got home the following Sunday and never saw that package in the lobby or by my apt door all week.


Items Taken from Bldg 1 Laundry Room

It has come to our attention that there has been several items taken from members of the Lawrence Committee. The following individuals had clothing taken from the Bldg 1 laundry room this past weekend (June 28-30th): 

i) Hollis Dvorkin (hollisdvo@gmail.com):
A pair of brown Banana Republic slacks size 36B, a white dress shirt with a light blue window pane, a purple and white striped Ralph Lauren polo with the US open logo and two nude bras (about $350).
ii) Loan Le (lle@princeton.edu):
Six shirts (Nautica, Adidasm Nike, North Face, Lacoste) shorts, towels and mattress cover (about $650).
iii) Nyan Aung (nyanlynnaung@gmail.com):
An expensive dress shirt and a pair of shorts (about $200).
iv) Eric Zhang (eric.jh.zhang@gmail.com):
A bright orange polo shirt and a black workout t-shirt (about $60).

Please don’t forget to close any and all building doors (do not keep them propped open) and pick up your laundry in a timely fashion. To report any stolen items, do not hesitate to contact campus security.


A resident cannot find a parcel that was delivered by UPS on January 24th. The original message is below:

Hi there, 

I’m missing a parcel that was delivered by USPS last Thursday (Jan. 24th). The address is 9 Lawrence Drive, Apt. 203. According to USPS, the package has already been delivered. If it was accidentally delivered to another building or unit, please return it me as soon as possible. You can email me at: jyiu@princeton.edu