Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is prohibited in hallways, lounges, and common spaces, in accordance with the NJ Smokefree Air Act. Princeton’s policy is to require that¬†smokers limit their smoking to outside areas, at least 25 feet away from buildings.

This policy is particularly relevant in cases where smokers have neighbors who may be bothered by or allergic to smoke. If a non-smoking neighbor approaches you, as a smoker, with a complaint, please be respectful of your neighbor and attempt to accommodate him by smoking outside, far enough from the building that the smoke will not be blown into any open windows.

(Updated Spring, 2016)

Lawrence Building 1 is currently a non-smoking building; however, all of graduate housing will become non-smoking (indoors) beginning in Fall 2016. Outdoor smoking will continue to be permitted at least 20 feet away from buildings at Lawrence.